Kickstarter is a go!

Bethany Heck

Finally, it’s time. The kickstarter page for the Eephus League scorebooks is live, and filled with wistful longings for a new era of scorekeeping as well as opportunities for you to help me make these books a reality. For those unfamiliar with kickstarter, it’s an online fundraising site. You set a deadline and a funding goal, and if you reach it or surpass it, you get the funds! If you don’t, the funds are released back to the backers and I have to wallow in misery as a failure. But that’s not going to happen! The fundraising goal is set at 10 grand, which will let me get the beginners scorebooks printed. If we go over that goal, the extra funds go into getting the larger scorebooks made, which I know is a top priority for a lot of you. So, the more crazy money gets raised the faster those bigger scorebooks get made, and I can look into licensing with the MLB. I’ve been in touch with a licensing rep, and if I can show her that these books have a big following, I’m sure she’s going to be more open to helping me out.

Right now the rewards are scorebooks, hats, posters, letterpress broadsides and tshirts. Shipping costs are included in the reward cost, so there’s no worries about that later on.

The video I produced for the kickstarter project features photos sent in by Eephus League members. I wanted to show how personal an art form scorekeeping is, and how diverse the community of scorekeepers can be. The goal here is to make scorekeeping cool again. It shouldn’t be limited to the stat-obsessed fans. If people start showing up to games with sweet-ass scorebooks, I guarantee more people will look into trying it themselves.

Thank you all for the support you’ve given the site over the past several weeks. This is a very exciting time for me and it’s my hope that this project connects with a lot of fans and sparks a revival in scorekeeping at the ballpark. Spread the link like wildfire, folks! Grab everyone you know who loves baseball, talk the scorekeeping virgins into letting this be their first scorebook, and encourage the veteran scorekeepers to support the thing they love.

“No thirty six inch bat ever made as many hits as the scorer’s little pencil.” – Richard McAnn

26 Comments on “Kickstarter is a go!”

  • ZiM1021

    Great to see the response you’ve gotten so far. I’m planning on donating as soon as possible. Best of luck to you!

    02-21-11 » 10:40 am »

  • Bethany Heck

    Thanks Zim! I’m very excited by the response. I’m hoping a fast start will make people feel alright with just donating small amounts. The mountain won’t seem so scary. The goal is to get the scorebooks into as many hands as possible!

    02-21-11 » 11:56 am »

  • Russ

    Wow, you got 12 backers AFTER I pledged a few hours ago.

    GO Bethany GO!

    02-21-11 » 1:03 pm »

  • johncropp

    Is it considered cheating if I donate $15 and $20 so I can get the scorebook and a t-shirt?

    02-21-11 » 1:10 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    You wouldn’t be the first, John.

    02-21-11 » 1:40 pm »

  • brt dodgers

    Congratulations on the positive start. I will definitely make a pledge before the deadline.

    02-21-11 » 3:04 pm »

  • Jonathan

    Just saying, but in my 35 years of scorekeeping, I’ve found that a nine-row scorebook runs out of room, especially for National League games with many pitching substitutions. Can you add two more rows to your design?

    02-21-11 » 6:07 pm »

  • Lurker

    Jonathan, the picture of the scorecard on the kickstarter page shows room for additional batters below the ninth line. Also, two more lines would require a larger size, which has been discussed (see scorecard link on the left). Look around and see if anything else has been overlooked.

    02-21-11 » 6:34 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    I’m doing my best to include as many options as possible in the scorebook, but unfortunately not everything is going to fit. Jonathan, as Lurker noted, I do have two spaces for additional batters below the 9th line, and I feel that’s enough for what this scorebook is, which is a super simple introduction to scorekeeping. If these designs are a success, I’m going to make a more comprehensive design that should make the more gung-ho scorekeepers happy!

    02-21-11 » 6:50 pm »

  • Sam

    I don’t know how tiny the rows are going to be, but if I get a scorecard without the rows pre-split into two, I just go in before the game even starts and draw a pencil line through each, so potential pinch hitters are accounted for right off the bat (har har). I’m not sure how much more you’d need for NL games– the majority of the games I go to are AL or college league– but that method has given me plenty of room most of the time.

    It failed spectacularly at Fenway once, but to be fair it was a game where no scorecard would have survived.

    02-21-11 » 8:19 pm »

  • Russ

    Part of the appeal of a scoreBOOK is the ability to use a second sheet if the game goes that long. Impossible to do if you only buy one scorecard at the game, the scorecard salesman is long gone by the 7th inning. Also, sometimes the NL games have the string of substitutions in spots other than the ninth/pitcher spot. So the experienced scorekeeper knows not to write the player names too big at the start.

    02-21-11 » 9:15 pm »

  • johncropp

    Big support from Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch Blog today:

    02-22-11 » 12:02 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Paul is simply the best! This site wouldn’t be anything without him.

    02-22-11 » 2:00 pm »

  • Bruce Jaynes

    Saw the posts on Uni Watch….I have a shop in San Diego that sells furniture and eclectic gifts. The scorebooks would be a great addition to the collection. Keep me posted on production!

    02-22-11 » 3:15 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Hey Bruce! I’ll certainly keep you informed as the books go into production, it’d be great to get some resellers!

    02-22-11 » 3:38 pm »

  • Russ

    You made it! Now comes the fun part. It’s like preparing for Opening Day!

    02-24-11 » 8:19 am »

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  • Russ

    Looks like yor project is going gangbusters. Any idea what you would say to him if Bill Buckner gets wind of those t-shirts?

    03-04-11 » 9:21 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    I think I’ll shake his hand and thank him for his contribution to the game of baseball 😛

    03-05-11 » 1:55 am »

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  • Eric

    This is awesome. I’m usually the only person in my section at the ballpark keeping score. I think part of the problem is the only scorecards sold at most parks now are in the middle of big glossy 100 page programs that cost $10-15. Something like this would be perfect to sell at the park!

    03-07-11 » 7:29 pm »

  • Matthew

    I donated $55 dollars to kickstarter. I wanted the 3 scorebooks and the tshirt. I was going to pick the 86 ws score on the shirt in a large.
    the problem is I never got to pick the shirt or the size. I am not sure if i missed something or My order even went through.
    Please email me so I know my order went through and I can have the option I want.

    03-11-11 » 1:51 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Hey Matthew, I’m so sorry for the confusion. You didn’t miss anything. The way kickstarter normally works is that once the deadline hits and the project is fully funded, I send out requests for sizes, design choices and mailing addresses. I’m taking this information now to help me get orders out faster.

    03-11-11 » 2:04 pm »

  • Matthew

    ok great! thanks for contacting me quickly!

    03-11-11 » 9:50 pm »

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