The Scorecard Shirt

Bethany Heck

This shirt is a celebration of how scorekeeping can easily recreate wonderful baseball memories. All it takes is a few filled in diamonds and an E3 and thousands of fans can be transported back to an amazing part of their team’s past.

Price: $19.99

Size :

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8 Comments on “The Scorecard Shirt”

  • Alex Lewis

    Hello! As a Mets fan, I absolutely must own this shirt. I was just wondering if there were any plans to release it in any other colors. Much obliged!

    04-01-11 » 7:43 pm »

  • baseballoogie

    I have a new favorite t-shirt.

    04-19-11 » 8:47 pm »

  • Interview with Bethany Heck of Eephus League | - New York Mets Video Baseball Blog | Mets News

    […] up as a baseball fan and the cool items she has for sale. As a Mets fan, my favorite item is the Scorecard Shirt which displays the scoring of the bottom of the 10th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series aka […]

    05-27-11 » 7:36 am »

  • Nick

    will you be restocking LARGE anytime soon?

    05-26-12 » 4:15 pm »

  • Lindsay Karbum

    Will additional sizes be available soon? Ready to purchase.

    02-15-13 » 12:21 pm »

  • William

    Please please please print more in medium!

    05-06-13 » 10:10 pm »

  • john o

    just kickstarted the halfliner. now I’d love a t-shirt… if you have them in XXL I’m in.


    05-29-13 » 7:45 am »

  • JPLA

    Any plans to make more, especially mediums? Thanks.

    06-13-13 » 9:47 am »

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