A real piece of work

Bethany Heck

The baseball bat seems to be the most simple piece of equipment on the field, but there’s a lot of science hidden in that piece of lumber. Louisville Slugger takes 18 measurements along the body of the bat (19 if you count the knob) and stores this information to create bat models. That means there are 1,978,419,655,660,313,589,123,979 possible bat models. There are 5 basic sections to a bat, from the tip to the knob, and each player has personal preferences about the length and width of each.

The most consistently popular bat in the majors is Jose Cardenal’s C271 (Cardenal was the 271st player with a surname beginning with a C to have a bat modeled for him).

2 Comments on “A real piece of work”

  • Daddypundit

    If you’re ever in Louisville you should make it a point to take the tour at the Louisville Slugger factory. It’s incredible to watch them create these masterpieces.

    04-20-11 » 7:24 pm »

  • What you should be reading « The Idler

    […] There’s more to the bat than meets the eye. (A nice infographic there) And Albert Pujols visiting the bat factory. […]

    04-26-11 » 8:03 am »

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