How to Survive the Offseason


With 2011 in the books (and a dramatic finish to the World Series) many of us are likely going through baseball withdrawal. Thankfully, Wendy Thurm at Baseball Nation has compiled a great list of suggestions on how to survive the next four months until pitchers and catchers report.

I’ll be spending the offseason daily checking, Bleed Cubbie Blue, and the Chicago Tribune’s Cubs page to see how Theo Epstein remakes my beloved Cubs. Of course, I’ll also be visiting Eephus League frequently to see what other folks have posted.

How will you survive until baseball returns?

3 Comments on “How to Survive the Offseason”

  • Riggamajoel

    1.) MLB The Show 2011
    2.) MLB Network
    3.) Blogs – Hardball, Eephus, BB Nation, Bill James…
    4.) Bill James Handbook and THBT Annual 2012
    5.) Ranger roster speculation and World Series flub angst.

    10-31-11 » 10:23 pm »

  • Bill

    I love this Rogers Hornsby quote. Thanks Daddypundit.

    11-02-11 » 8:18 pm »

  • Shane and Hot Stove on MLB Network.

    11-04-11 » 9:10 pm »

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