Hey guys, I’m hoping to share some stories of the pains baseball brings us in the zine (the pain from this year is still very fresh for me). If you’d like to share a particularly crushing moment as a fan, post it in the comments and it should see its way into the issue!

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  • Bryan C

    When I was 6, I (a Red Sox fan) bet my grandfather (a Yankees fan) that the Sox would beat the Yankees in a game in late May. With an ice cream on the line, I watched with growing apprehension as the Yankees chipped away at an early 5-0 deficit, and cried when Mel Hall hit a two-run walkoff homer. I am 26 now, and have never bet on a sporting event since.

    10-24-11 » 6:38 pm »

  • Baseball Oogie

    I’m glad you decided to run with this idea.

    This one is easy.

    October 19, 1999.

    After an improbable and unprecedented comeback, the Mets force a Game 6 in the NLCS. Because the Braves were famously unable to sell out their playoff games, if this series was going to Game 7, I had already told work that I was flying to Atlanta the next day to go to that game, no matter what the cost. I had a plane ticket priced.

    It was already an excruciating back-and-forth game going to 11 innings. It was an impossible season with an unstoppable script.

    And then Kenny Rogers walks in the winning run.

    Walks it in. Walks it in. Walks it in.

    How do you walk in the winning run? How can you not throw a strike on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded and at least let him hit the ball? HOW CAN YOU NOT THROW A STRIKE?

    I’ve had my soul ripped out by this game many times, but that one still gets me agitated just thinking about it.

    Kenny Bleeping Rogers.

    10-24-11 » 8:37 pm »

  • Ashley

    There have been many moments of “torture” for Giants fans, but this one takes the cake.

    It was May 25, 2011. Top of the 12th, runners in scoring position. Marlins pinch-hitter Emilio Bonifacio lifted a sacrifice fly to score Scott Cousins, who bolted down the 3rd base line… and slammed into Buster Posey.

    I’ve seen the replay close to ten times now. It was a gut-wrenching moment and untimely end to Posey’s season. But the worst part of that night was that I wasn’t even watching the game. Twitter was spewing a frenzy of concerned tweets, and yet I had no idea what was going on.

    Instead, I was glued to Game Day, which remained frozen for a good 10-15 minutes during the injury delay. When I finally caught wind of how Posey slammed his fist into the ground and was led limping off the field, I cried.

    It’s taken five months to recover, and the memory of that night still brings back an ache.

    10-24-11 » 10:27 pm »

  • Matthew

    Born in St. Louis in 1983, my family relocated to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1985. I grew up a Cardinal and a Ranger fan. As the years went by I grew to love the Rangers more and more as they progressed as a team… finally making the playoffs in the 90′s as well as our recent success (or failures) in the post-season.

    My once boyhood dream of watching a Cardinal/Ranger world series started to become a reality as they each took their championship series in six. I suddenly understood what I experienced as a boy as a dream was actually a nightmare!

    After living in Texas for most of my life I have grown more and more attached to the Rangers and less to the Cards. 2006 WS was a halfhearted celebration because I had been away so long I felt like a bandwagon fan.

    Cut to the 2011 WS and I was stuck in a heart wrenching series of ups and downs, last minute wins, blowouts and the 3rd strike that was not to be (TWICE!!!).

    I have a new nightmare in which I am standing in right field at Busch Stadium. My team is 1 strike away from winning it’s first WS. I hear the crack of the bat and what would appear to be a routine fly ball (albeit to the wall) slips right past my outstretched hands and I let my best and closest chance slip away for good.

    What a bummer it was to watch my home team beat my team.

    11-17-11 » 3:12 pm »

  • Bandit

    I’m a Royals fan. End of story.

    05-01-13 » 8:28 am »

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