a little Eephus art

Roar of the Tigers

Just thought you guys might be interested in this. I’m an artist (always cringe-inducing to say, but there you have it), and one of my recent pieces features a very familiar scorebook.

It’s called one short (a day without a no-hitter in Detroit). Acrylic and ink on illustration board, 16 x 20″, 2011. July 31, 2011, Justin Verlander took a no-hitter into the 8th inning. I have never seen a no-hitter in person, and to lose one so close– with a pitcher so likely to do it– was intense. Much more intense than, rationally, it should have been.

The piece deals with issues of obsession and perfection, and where those themes break apart and fail; it deals with art-making and information-gathering, where those practices intersect and diverge. It deals, of course, with crazy baseball fans, and I probably don’t have to explain any of that to you lot here.

(PS: I’ve found that those Micron pens do very well in the EL scorebook, which is such a disgusting artist thing to do, but really: they work great. I favor the 01 tip. If you’ve been looking for the perfect pen for this paper and feel you haven’t found it yet, give ‘em a try.)

3 Comments on “a little Eephus art”

  • John Cropp

    That is excellent.

    If I ever walked into somebody’s house and they had a painting of a scorebook on the wall, I would be their best friend for life.

    So wherever this ends up… you’ve been warned.

    01-10-12 » 10:57 pm »

  • Jon Bravard

    Would love to have that hanging on my wall. It was a sad day when the box score left the newspaper, this would remind me everyday of how really important the little things are. The joy they bring can never be forgotten.

    01-12-12 » 11:29 am »

  • Dudermensch

    Phenomenal! A brilliant and beautiful piece worthy of all the hyperbolic adjectives I can conjure up without sounding like I’m fawning over artwork I wish I had on display at home (I am and I do). Cool website, too. It’s keeping my pal from Detroit somewhat stable while we weather the off-season out here in dark and dreary Copenhagen, a million miles and a million months away from the Game.

    01-23-12 » 12:35 pm »

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