Jumbotron Art

Peter Chen

Growing up during the 70’s & 80’s, these portraits are mini tributes to the players I more or less considered at the time to be my superheroes.

4 Comments on “Jumbotron Art”

  • Matt Friedrichs

    Peter, not sure who to contact. Some items in RSS feed and some posts appear to be spam.

    Enjoy the site. Hope there’s an easy fix.

    01-16-12 » 4:35 pm »

  • ChrisM70

    These are really cool!

    I am also a fan of the old time scoreboards.
    Here is an illustration I made based on the design used at Royals Stadium during the 80s:


    01-19-12 » 12:53 am »

  • Peter Chen

    @Matt, not sure if you were referring to this site or my website. I can be reached me at peterATiconicballplayersDOTcom.

    @Chris, neat. The new full-color LED jumbotrons made me appreciate the old scoreboard images more.

    02-16-12 » 12:39 pm »

  • Pre/Golden Era Jumbotron Art « Eephus League

    […] back I created jumbotron art of players from the 70′s & 80′s and decided to apply the style to pre-war and […]

    09-14-12 » 6:44 pm »

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