Larger Scorebook Updates!!!

Bethany Heck


1. I removed the little circle next to the diamond to allow for more space for people to keep score they way they want.

2. I brought back the Home and visiting MVP awards.

3. I added icons for indoor games and for watching at home.

4. I rearranged the pitching stats to follow traditional box scores.

15 Comments on “Larger Scorebook Updates!!!”

  • Mike

    Looking good! This and pitchers and catchers reporting makes for a great baseball day!

    02-19-12 » 12:28 am »

  • Baseball Oogie

    You also changed the book so that the cards are all aligned the same way.

    Love all the changes. Can’t wait to be able to get one.

    02-19-12 » 9:49 am »

  • Eric G.

    So if I were to order a scorebook, this is what it would look like? I’m a National League man, and I can’t have just one substitute.

    02-20-12 » 3:53 am »

  • Bethany Heck

    Eric, these are different scorebooks than the ones currently available. I’m looking at another kickstarter campaign to get them funded, I’ll post updates on the site as I figure out more.

    02-20-12 » 8:20 am »

  • Andrew

    Bethany, so they won’t be available for the start of the season? Rats! Oh well, they look fantastic, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    Also, I just wanted to say that my wife got me a scorebook for Valentine’s day, and it’s incredible. The whole package is great, from the cover to the foldout to the paper. I love it all. She also was grateful you were able to send it to her sans any identifying info on the package so it was a surprise for me!

    02-23-12 » 7:52 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Hey Andrew! I’m so glad you like the scorebook, it was no problem to help your wife with the deception 😛

    Unfortunately I’m having trouble getting an affordable quote on the scorebooks, which is the source of the delay.

    02-23-12 » 8:10 pm »

  • Justin Rusnak

    Well, if you do another kickstarter I will donate the heck out of it. I would help now, even…a big scorebook would be really great.

    Anyway, love these products…keep up the great work!

    03-04-12 » 7:35 am »

  • Jay Hays

    I just bought 3 new small books, but if you find a way to make this an affordable project, I’d be excited to grab one.

    03-12-12 » 8:11 pm »

  • Derrick Dodson

    kickstarter it – I’ll pony up..

    03-16-12 » 10:58 am »

  • Brandon Cline

    Might I suggest that the LOB column be replaced with K. I often point out who is flailing at the plate (Padres fan after all). LOB would be more of a post-game tally. And I love the addition of the 12th inning. I’ve already maximized TWO games to the 11th inning!

    04-11-12 » 2:39 am »

  • jeff

    so rad! i can get more games and keep my seasons neatly sectioned off… the stickers were cool and all, but if this is what every page looks like you’ve got me as a loyal buyer.

    i’m on my second season with these badboys, been across the country in summer: have 2 triple plays, lots of walk off and of course heartbreak… love it all.

    is there any chance of sewing the bind? even if that’s getting greedy.

    04-15-12 » 8:03 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Jeff, this one will be spiral bound. I tried to get the first books sewn and it doubled the production cost. Not worth it.

    04-15-12 » 8:06 pm »

  • _Bt

    I like the idea of spiral bound much more, I like being able to just flip from one side to the other while keeping score.

    I’m excited for the new book- I’d gladly contribute to a kick-starter if needed.


    05-31-12 » 4:39 pm »

  • Margaret

    Cannot wait for the larger ones. Any updates on timing for these?

    Have you considered the dotted line for the diamonds? I love how it makes the runs jump off the page at the end of the game.

    08-15-12 » 2:28 pm »

  • Lindsay Karbum

    Already love my small one and can’t wait for the big. Happy to help on kickstarter if you need it. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THESE TOGETHER!!!

    02-15-13 » 1:17 am »

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