Spring Home Scoring

90 feet of perfection

Chicago Tribune urging restraint. This feature is an occasional comic that lists rules for sports fans. It always ends with a ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ frame. I fear that this time, I might be that guy, as I suspect many of the Eephus League faithful are. Score on, ladies and gentlemen, score on.

3 Comments on “Spring Home Scoring”

  • Matt

    Shouldn’t that comic go in reverse? Scorers are Play On. We will allow reading about the game. BUT don’t be that guy, don’t be a basketball fan. (unless the guy on his couch is asleep while watching the monotonous boring that is the dullness of basketball.)

    03-08-12 » 12:49 pm »

  • Ben

    Nothing like keeping score for a ST game. Takes additional sheets. It’s a fun challenge if you like keeping score.

    03-10-12 » 8:58 pm »

  • Glorious Spring « The View From Home Plate

    […] finally, don’t be that Spring Training fan-guy.   Share this:FacebookTwitterStumbleUponDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

    03-25-12 » 6:57 pm »

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