The Voice of the Game


Vin Scully

Unlike any other sport, baseball has a connection to the people that cover the game. Vin Scully has had that job longer than any other announcer. He’s entering his 62nd year and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s had the opportunity to witness more history than any other announcer. In this GQ profile, Scully recalls some of his most vivid memories and demonstrates why he is one the greatest announcers the game has ever known.

Hat tip: Steven Hayward

3 Comments on “The Voice of the Game”

  • Bill

    Great article.

    04-01-12 » 2:40 pm »

  • Michael

    Fantastic. Loved listening to those calls. We are all fortunate to have heard Vin Scully, and that’s from a Reds fan who hates the Dodgers thanks to the old NL West battles.

    04-05-12 » 10:51 am »

  • 715 « Eephus League

    [...] The best part of the call to me is the fact that he let the crowd roar tell the story (for almost 2 minutes) before saying anything else. Just one more example of why he is the Voice of the Game. [...]

    05-23-12 » 10:03 pm »

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