Of all the scattered, eclectic memorabilia I own, this sweatshirt takes the cake- here’s to commemorating the most infamous championship that never was.

3 Comments on “OUCH”

  • Lois E. Winters

    Hahaha, I am a Mets fan and saw that last game. We will forever love Bill Bruckner. :)

    10-18-12 » 8:24 pm »

  • John Cropp

    … and Gary Carter.
    … and Kevin Mitchell.
    … and Ray Knight.
    … and Mookie Wilson.

    Ya Gotta Believe.

    10-21-12 » 6:30 pm »

  • Aaron Hadley Dana

    *Buckner 😉

    11-01-12 » 10:21 am »

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