The New scorebook

Bethany Heck

Ok guys, I’m hoping to start a kickstarter to fund the creation of a new, larger scorebook! *confetti* I got a dummy made to I could check on size, shipping costs, etc, and the pictures are below. It’s going to be a half season scorebook-81 games, wire O bound and about iPad size in terms of width and height. 12 innings, more data columns… the idea is that this is for hard-core scorekeepers who need a little more than the pocket scorebook can provide.

Instead of trying to rush things for opening day, I think it’s better to shoot for a mid-season release, or to even wait till winter. There are some mistakes I made with the first scorebook’s kickstarter that I don’t wish to repeat, and trying to rush orders out and get shirts and caps produced without knowing sizes is one of them.

I’m planning on doing new shirt designs on better quality shirts, and more button designs in smaller packs instead of the big tins. I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see brought back from the shop or new things you’d like to see me try. Anything is a possibility right now!

12 Comments on “The New scorebook”

  • Andrew

    Very excited to see that a new scorecard is in the works! I have childishly large writing and have always had trouble fitting all the info, especially if a player eventually scores. I would love it if the new scorebook came with a stiff cover so I can balance it on my knee at the park. I suppose a cup holder would be too much to ask?

    Looking forward to seeing this up on Kickstarter so I can, uh, kick in.

    01-13-13 » 6:09 pm »

  • Bethany

    The front cover will be double cover stock, which is stiff and sturdy on it’s own, and the back will be chipboard. Haha, I wish i could include a cup holder!

    01-13-13 » 6:12 pm »

  • _Bt

    Very excited!! Let us know when it’s on kickstarter asap so we can get this funded!

    Many thanks for your hard work.

    01-16-13 » 2:50 am »

  • Jen

    love it, can’t wait to have one in my hands!!

    01-17-13 » 9:40 am »

  • Lane

    Sign me up! This is great news.

    01-17-13 » 10:11 am »

  • Blatz

    I’m in. Can’t wait to hear when the Kickstarter campaign has kicked off.

    01-17-13 » 11:04 am »

  • Mark C. Mathis IV

    Wow! That looks great and I really enjoy the spiral over the staple. I can’t wait to try this out and see how much it’s improved. Thank you for this! 73 more days I think.

    01-17-13 » 3:36 pm »

  • Seth

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get one. Definitely will get in on the kickstarter campaign. Thanks for putting the time in to create this for all of us baseball nerds.

    01-24-13 » 12:54 pm »

  • Richie Devotie

    I keep score a lot, I write for my blog and mlb . Think I’am going you’re scorebook an try. Love the idea behind it. Will be ordering soon.

    04-23-13 » 5:51 am »

  • Ben

    I cannot wait for this! Any updates as to when it might be ready??

    05-20-13 » 1:27 pm »

  • Bethany

    Hey Ben, the scorebooks are available for pre order on kickstarter and will be shipping by mid June

    05-20-13 » 5:07 pm »

  • Gary

    “… the creation of a new, larger scorebook!”…THIS … is what I like to read!….hardcore scorekeepers don’t want smaller books for convenience sake…we want space and room to create the days game as we see it… in this case, larger is best ….for the rest … of the lovers of the game ! ……WHEN ?????

    08-15-13 » 6:44 pm »

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