Angel Stadium is the home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The park was built in 1966 and is the 4th oldest active Major League park. For a time, the stadium was used to host football games as well as baseball events.

AT&T Park is the home of the San Fransisco Giants. The park has previously been known as Pacific Bell Park and SBC Park. The ballpark has several unique design characteristics; the right field wall is 24 feet tall in reference to famous Giant, Mille Mays, and the mass of water beyond the wall is known […]

“Putting lights in Wrigley Field is like putting aluminum siding on the Sistine Chapel.” -Roger Simon

Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals and opened in 2006. The park is a homage to early ballpark designs with an open view of the downtown area. The seats in the park are red to honor the main color of the home team. This ballpark is the third stadium in St. […]

Chase Field is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The ballpark opened in 1998, coinciding with the establishment of the Diamondbacks. The park was the first in the United States to have a retractable roof, which has been exceptionally useful in the extreme arizona heat.

Citi Field is the ballpark of the New York Mets, opening in 2009. The park is very spacious and is considered a pitcher’s park. There are many eateries and sources of entertainment within the ballpark. PNC Park in Pittsburgh is cited as the biggest influence on the feel of the ballpark.

Citizens Bank Park is the home of the Philidelphia Phillies. The park opened in 2004 and has seen excellent attendance figures. Citizens Bank Park is considered on of the most hitter friendly parks in the league, despite several modifications made after the 2005 season.

Comerica Park is the home of the Detriot Tigers, which opened in 2000. Comerica Park is very pitcher friendly, as opposed to the stadium it replaced, Tiger Stadium. In 2003 the left field wall was brought in over 20 feet to make the park more hitter friendly.

Coors Field opened in 1995 and serves as the home ballpark for the Colorado Rockies. The park is one of only two that features an underground heating system. The seats in the upper deck of the stadium are over 1 mile above sea level. Because of lower air density, the park has very large outfield […]

“A baseball park is the one place where a man’s wife doesn’t mind his getting excited over somebody else’s curves.” –Brendan Francis

“I know a man who is a diamond cutter. He mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium.” -Author Unknown

Dodger Stadium is the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers and opened in 1962, making it the 3rd oldest ballpark in use. Dodger Stadium has the highest seating capacity of any Major League park. The park was one of the last stadiums built specifically for baseball use before the rash of multipurpose stadiums in the […]

Fenway Park is one of the most iconic venues in baseball. The park opened in 1912, making it the oldest baseball park still in use. The park has notoriously unconventional dimensions in the outfield, with a multitude of wall heights and odd angles. The most famous landmark in the stadium is the left field wall, […]

“When you’re in a slump, it’s almost as if you look out at the field and it’s one big glove.” –Vance Law

The Great American Ballpark opened in 2003 and is the home of the Cincinnati Reds. The park is located next to the Ohio River. The park has a long list of features for visitors to enjoy and has state of the art audio and visual technology.

Kauffman Stadium opened in 1973 and is the home of the Kansas City Royals. Multi-purpose stadiums were popular at the time of its construction, but Kauffman Stadium is a baseball specific facility. It is the 6th oldest park in baseball and recently underwent renovations such as more seating, hi resolution video boards and more food […]

Miller Park is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, and was opened in 2001 after 6 years of construction. The stadium features a retractable roof, so the stadium can be covered during bad weather. The playing surface is still grass, despite the roof, and grass growth is aided by numerous windows allowing in light. The […]

Nationals Park is the home of the Washington Nationals, and opened in 2008. The park was designed to allow visitors to see certain monuments in the D.C. area, such as the U.S. Capitol. The name of the park references an early 20th century baseball park in the same area.

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is the home of the Oakland Athletics. The facility was built in 1966 and the Athletics started using it in 1968. The stadium is built to host a variety of sporting events, including football and soccer.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the home of the Baltimore Orioles. The park opened in 1992 was intended to be a homage to earlier park designs, as opposed to the multipurpose stadiums that had become common in the years before. The park incorporates the architecture of the B&O warehouse and other landmarks in the […]

PETCO Park is the ballpark of the San Diego Padres, opening in 2004. The stadium has been incorporated into the downtown area, and the Western Metal Supply Co. building rests against the left side of the park. There is also a “Park at the Park” beyond the outfield, a grassy and inexpensive area for fans […]


Took this pic last October (clearly, the Pirates weren’t playing) when we drove back from New York to Austin. The park was unbelievably awesome and I can’t wait to finally take down a game there. With a house like this at its heart, Pittsburgh deserves a winning team.

PNC Park, which opened in spring 2001, is an intimate, classic-style ballpark that embraces the progressiveness of Pittsburgh while saluting the spirit of early ballpark originals. Its prime location along the shore of the Allegheny River takes advantage of scenic vistas of the downtown skyline and riverfront, creating an exciting and dramatic urban sports venue. […]

Progressive Field is the home ballpark of the Cleveland Indians. The park opened in 1994 and hosted the All Star game in 1997. Between 1995 and 2001, 455 consecutive games at the park were sold out, a Major League record.

Rangers Ballpark is the home for the Texas Rangers. The park opened in 1994 as a replacement to Arlington Stadium. The park was designed as a “retro” stadium and references several older ballparks. Rangers Ballpark is known as being hitter firendly, with short walls and swirling winds.

Rogers Centre is the home ballpark of the Toronto Blue Jays. It is a multipurpose stadium, also hosting football games. It was the first stadium with a motorized fully retractable roof. Another unique feature is the hotel attached to the back of the stadium.

Rule 1.04 This rule covers all of the guidelines governing the layout, dimensions and construction of a baseball field. The rules request that the field is laid out in a certain direction, “It is desirable that the line from home base through the pitchers plate to second base shall run East-Northeast.”

Safeco Field opened in 1999 and is the home of the Seattle Mariners. It is a “retro-baseball” park, with features that hearken back to the early 20th century, with asymmetrical field dimension and a brick facade. The park is known for its wide variety of food options, including sushi and barbecue.

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