I am a casual scorekeeper, and so I have yet to keep score for a game that involved an umpire review of home runs. However, after a discussion about the umps changing the call in Game 1 of the 2013 World Series (Pete Kozma’s botched DP) and the beginning of challenges and instant replay soon, I was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to score these.

Some pertinent questions off the top of my head:
- What symbol or abbreviation will you use for reviews and challenges?
- Will the symbol/abbreviation indicate who instigated the review- home manager, away manager, umpires?
- Will you attempt to record both the original and final call if they are different? (Which will be difficult in a tiny box)
- Will you notate in baserunner boxes if their positioning…

Hey guys, I’m hoping to share some stories of the pains baseball brings us in the zine (the pain from this year is still very fresh for me). If you’d like to share a particularly crushing moment as a fan, post it in the comments and it should see its way into the issue!

Rockies Scorecard_1.jpg

I was in Denver last week and took in a Rockies game. Coor’s Stadium has a section in center field where fans can sit for $4.00. I thought those days were long gone. I enjoyed the game and the ballpark. Go Rockies.

Is this the lowest price ticket in MLB or are others out there? The lowest I’ve found at US Cellular for the White Sox is $10.00 bargain Mondays. The Cubs have some $12 tickets.


I just started a poll with a very important question: Would you guys be interested in a small, periodical zine? I’m itching to do some publication design and the opportunity to do it through baseball and work with some other awesome fans and designers is very, very exciting.

I want it to be fairly large in terms of page size, printed on newsprint in two colors. It could also be a fun way to interact with you guys. We could collect stories, take polls, and profile members and feature them in the zine. I’d love to do some analysis on the typography of baseball, scripts, number fonts, and so on, or maybe some fun rebranding of teams. Infographics, profiles of league members and their scorekeeping notations…. it’s so exciting! There is a lot of potential to make something cool and…

On Saturday, with the Phillies in town, the Pirates set a record for attendance in PNC Park. From the Biz of Baseball

On Saturday, Major League Baseball had six clubs see sellouts (Pirates, Red Sox, Cardinals, Giants, Angels, and Reds).

None were more welcome than the Pirates. With the team hovering close to .500, hosting the [Phillies], and having a Zambelli Fireworks display after the game, it all added up to the largest crowd in PNC Park history (39,441) or 103 percent of capacity.

How is this possible? Points:

  1. How does a stadium hold more than 100% of their capacity? There is a physical limit on the amount of tickets a team can physically sell and seat. 
  2. Did an absurd number of lap-sitting babies and small children come through the turnstiles and counted towards the official number? 

Since the buttons I made for the kickstarter project have proven to be popular, I wanted to start making buttons specific to each team. Oviously I have to be careful because of licensing and such, but I think I can do something that would celebrate each team in unique ways.

If there’s a player, nickname, famous moment, tradition or stadium food staple you would love to see celebrated in a 1 inch button, let me know and I’ll try to include it in the set for your team!

I’m working my way through Ken Burn’s documentary Baseball and I’m up to the 8th Inning. This disc has Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk waving his World Series left field bomb just inside the foul pole, resulting in a home run by his shear will. The ball wouldn’t dare stay foul with this imposing figure demanding otherwise. White Sox fans were lucky to have Carlton Fisk finish his extraordinary career in Chicago, where gave everything he had every game until he didn’t have anything left to give. Favorite highlights include Carlton tagging out two runners in succession at home on the same play, and chewing out an opposing team rookie who didn’t run out a pop fly – an opposing player! This guy respected the game.

I only had one encounter, completely nonverbal, with Mr. Fisk. When my daughters were…

For the first time in the history of the world, mankind will witness Pujols in a contract year. Anything could happen. No one is safe. Bring your children indoors and keep them close. I predict two home runs in his first at bat.

Pujols’s 2011 contract-year stat line:

• .411 AVG
• 78 HR (by the all-star break)
• 235 RBI (one for every year of America)
• 180 R
• 43 Saves
• 4th MVP Award
• 1st Cy Young Award
• Nobel Peace Prize


This is the day we’ve been waiting for, folks. it’s here, and it’s going to be amazing (unless you’re a Mets fan). Enjoy rooting for you team, keep a scorecard for everything you watch, and eat some hot dogs and cracker jacks on my behalf.

I was watching the Ken Burns Baseball documentary recently when historian Doris Kearns Goodwin was relating a scorekeeping story from her childhood. Ms. Goodwin was born and raised in Brooklyn and her father was a big Dodger fan. She told the story of how her father taught her to keep score when they went to the games together. She learned well and had taken to coming home from school, listening to the Dodger games on the radio, and keeping score for her father. When he came home from work, she would review the game for her dad, batter by batter, so he could enjoy the game.
The story reminded me of a similar story a coworker had related to me sometime earlier. He was new to the company, and we met at a company outing – a Kane County…


I had lots of requests for a quick start guide to keeping score, so I designed this foldout sheet to go with every scorebook. What do you guys think?


Guys, you are all incredible! The kickstarter fundraising has been going like gangbusters and at this rate we will make our goal by the end of the week. So, what should we do with the remaining 3 weeks on the countdown until the funds disperse?

Would you guys be interested if I added another reward option for the larger scorebook design? I don’t have a printer quote on it yet and it will be slightly more expensive to make, but it’s certainly doable. I can post designs and mockups and we can work to making it as ideal as possible for the uber scorers out there, and we can have out out and in your hands sooner than if we wait till after money is raised from selling the smaller scorebooks.


SO, I’m going to be up in the fine city of Baltimore from Thursday until the weekend, and I’d love to meet up with any Eephus League members who are up in the area. Shoot me an email at bethany (at) eephusleague.com and we’ll set something up!


Baseball history was made today at the Cleveland Indians camp as Justine Siegel became the first woman to throw batting practice in professional baseball. When asked about the importance of her debut, she said, “I’ve been thinking about this almost every hour for the past month.”

For more information on Siegel check out this article done by her top rate alma mater, St. Olaf College. Northfield, Minnesota


Ok, I know I said the kickstarter page would be online this week but I’m STILL waiting on a quote. It’s going up this Monday, regardless, because I can go in and add rewards as the project goes. So, if you go to look at the page and think, “Hey, I’d really rather have an Eephus League hat instead of a shirt” just shoot me a note and I will work on adding that as an option. Any extra that comes from kickstarter will go into getting the larger scorebooks produced. SO close!!!

Ok, so the video is finished, the kickstarter summary is written, and most of the goods have been priced. As seems to be the trend, I am waiting on two quotes to help me decide pricing before I launch the project. I am going to need to spread the kickstarter project like wildfire once it launches, because I need a lot of help to make this happen. To start off, I am only producing the smaller scorebooks. If (when!) they sell out and become a massive success, I will be able to get the larger books made, and I will be able to explore licensing options as things go on. I have to start with something simple and focused or I’ll never be able to fund it.

I’m getting 6 of the posters in the shop made as rewards for…


I’m embarassed to make a video for the kickstarter project, as I will have to subject you to my marble-mouthed drawl and poor editing skills. But kickstarter insists it helps get people involved, so I will suffer through it. Here is a link to what I have at this point. Suggestions are welcome. I’m hoping to get the kickstarter page launched this week. I’m waiting to hear back about the pricing on some of the extra items I want to offer, like embroidered hats.


Here are the amazing images I’ve gotten from Eephus League members so far!!! You guys are so freaking awesome, I’m so thrilled at the idea of getting to have real life scorekeepers represented in the kickstarter video. Please, even if you’ve never kept score and have only fantasized about how you would score a hit if you ever DID decide to start the habit, send in a photo!


I’m working on the promotional video for kickstarter, and I think it would be great to have Eephus League members show the different ways that we all score a single. Send me a photo of you holding up a sheet of paper with any kind of single scoring. With a diamond, without a diamond, lines, dashes, outs, no outs, abbreviations or no abbreviations. I want to highlight how personal scorekeeping is, as well as show off the community we are building here.

Would making some of the smaller-market teams (or teams that just refuse to spend to stay competitive) publicly-owned help their situations? Looking at the success of Green Bay (I know, I know, not a baseball team…) over the years, I wonder if there’s something to be learned. Obviously the sports are set up differently, but just a simple thought/question to get some discussion going. Thoughts?

Here’s a link to the team payrolls for 2010


I’ve been hard at work in getting the scorebook ready for production. I have added some features that I think will make the books much more fun and useful.

There are more spaces for chronicling minutiae at the ballpark, from where you sat, what the weather was like and who you think was the MVP for each team. There are also now two scorecards a game.

What do you think, guys? Better?

For previous recaps, click here.

Record: 83-79, 3rd Place in the NL West

Offensive Leaders: Carlos Gonzalez .974 OPS, Troy Tulowitzki 6.4 WAR

Pitching Leaders: Ubaldo Jimenez 2.88 ERA, 6.3 WAR

Surprise: The Rockies made it almost impossible to choose—does one go with the 24 year old Carlos Gonzalez who was a triple crown threat in his first full big league season? Is it Ubaldo Jimenez who made the leap from quality young pitcher to bonafide ace, complete with a no-hitter on his resume? Or is the surprise that Troy Tulowitzki not only replicated his 2009, but built on it with one of the greatest September’s in memory? I honesty don’t know the answer to that.

Disappointment: There was plenty of blame to go around for the team’s disappointing finish, but Clint Barmes is far and away the most worthy recipient…


Hey guys, I want to thank everyone who’s been visiting the Eephus League and spreading the word. I’ve had a few people voice concerns over the lack of community so far, and that’s a worry for me to. I desperately want this to be a place where fans come and share experiences, knowledge and imagery they love. Perhaps an incentive program is in order? Maybe I will install a system where if a person has contributed X number of entries he gets a free poster of his choosing.

To make it easier to follow conversation throughout the site, I have added recent comments to the tab on the left of the site, and I’m also going to add comment totals to the bottom of each post when you’re viewing the main pages. I hope these additions help facilitate some great…


I feel rather silly today, after having been made aware of the fact that my scorebook is missing a crucial element… a second card so you can score both teams! I’ve personally only ever scored one side during a game and I’m terribly embarrassed I missed this detail. What I plan on doing is rearranging things a bit so the data about each game is noted in the front of the book (the stickers can go there, don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of them) and then that allows for you to keep track of both teams during a game. The only problem is that leaves no room for pitching stats if I follow the current scorecard layout. So I’ve created quite a pickle for myself.

I wanted to post a layout of the scorecard as it stands now and…

Does anyone think that one defensive statistic is more effective than the others?

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