Part One of Three, my methodology and notation for counting pitches! For Those of You Scoring at Home

Originally from Mako Mameli via Uni Watch. Drawn by W. Conway in 1951.

1. The throwing movement is the same sequence of forward movements. The stride toward the target and then the whipping movement that ends in the wrist to snap the ball forward… then a normal follow through. 2. The sidearm throw is another throw an infielder may use in special situations. 3. The only different between […]

Here’s the next installment from Mr. Allen, this time focusing on your grip on the baseball. 1.Your grip on the ball is the biggest factor in control, so you should adopt the correct grip at the very start and use the same grip on every throw. Even in practice, never vary your grip. The feel […]

Follow through on your infield tosses is an often neglected yet crucial component to a strong throw. Mr. Allen gives us some pointers: 1. Your arm keeps on moving in a full follow through. 2. Let your body swing around naturally on your forward foot as your back leg swings around into a balanced position. […]

Fair warning, this ends in a cliffhanger! I love the language Mr. Allen uses when describing the physical movements needed to make a good throw, he’s so enthusiastic, and I love the whip comparison. 1. When a fielder gets the ball and starts to throw, his first object is to get his whole body and […]

Here are some more excellent throwing fundamentals tips from Mr. Ethan Allen. 1. Let’s analyze the fundamentals of the throwing movement. As your arm comes forward in the throw, your upper arm and forearm form an approximate right angle, the upper arm about parallel with the ground. 2. There is the crucial point of your […]

If you ever wanted to know how to throw a baseball, here is a handy diagram with some helpful instruction! 1. The movement starts in your shoulder as you start bringing your arm forward like a whip. Your elbow leads the movement first, and as your upper arm comes forward, your forearm stays laid back […]

This is a really great modified photograph showing some of the basic mechanics of throwing a pitch. There are old books at my library filled with this sort of thing, I’d love to go back and expand on this concept. Winning baseball, Allen, Ethan, 1956

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