Of all the scattered, eclectic memorabilia I own, this sweatshirt takes the cake- here’s to commemorating the most infamous championship that never was....


The White Sox commemorated Phil Humber’s perfect game with this poster. All fans who attended Humber’s next start after the perfecto were given this poster. Note the beauty of the scorecard – 27 up, 27 down. Congratulations to a classy guy. ...

Jersey Giants.jpg

This graphic is the cover of a notepad that was on my coworkers desk this morning. The pad is from the Springfield Tablet Mfg. Co. (Springfield, MO). She thinks it is from the years 1995-2000. I like the design. Has anyone seen other teams in this series? ...


Loving your team doesn’t mean you have to love your owners. ...

Insert Posters

M.S. Birt

In late December, I found myself in the O’Bryonville enclave of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Jack Wood Gallery — which deals in all variety of rare historical prints — is nestled at one end of O’Bryonville’s business district.

I popped in looking for prints related to baseball, and was led to a back corner where the owner had a stack of high quality reproductions of Topps’s 1970 insert posters. My favorites were the McCovey, the Bench, the Agee, and the Clemente.

Unfortunately, at $150 per print, I left empty-handed. I’ll have to settle for the original posters — which aren’t that hard to find — replete with the creases necessitated by their inclusion in wax packs.

The original posters measure 8 11/16″ X 9 5/8″....


From the interesting site Cubs by the Numbers here’s a tip on checking out some great rustic gameday paraphernalia online.

You don’t have to be a scoring nut to enjoy these Cubs Scorecard relics, the artwork is timeless and of course, historical.

When you’re through, be sure and review some of the other great stuff posted, including but not limited to old pocket schedules (yeah!!!), some aged bleacher tickets, and even an uncensored audio clip of the infamous Lee Elia rant!! It spells KLASSIC!!

Peruse and enjoy and…by the way…which scorecard is your favorite? Mine has got to be 1963…...

George Sisler

Just wondering if any of my fellow Eephus League readers know anything about this card? I bought one on eBay for $15.00 a few years ago, and other than what’s offered on this site I don’t know anything about it. How rare is it? What’s it worth? Regardless of rarity or value, I love it. ...

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