The Curious Case of the 1970 Brewers Prototype Jersey Thanks to the fact that a number of different archives of newswire photos are currently being auctioned on ebay, there are a number of fascinating images which are showing up for sale. See and read more: the fleer sticker project (h/t jennlevo)

Courtesy of Lobshots, the Dodger’s throwbacks have been selected from the fan vote…. and not only did the most unappealing design win, it’s not even done correctly! The 1940′s road uni was chosen, but one major detail was ignored: the uniforms should be satin!!! SATIN! So we got a dull powder blue throwback in the […]

anthonyscaramuzzi: Major League Baseball Uniform LetteringType Specimen After witnessing over 1,000 major league baseball games, I was always curious as to what typeface was used for the lettering on the back of the jerseys. I had no such luck in finding the typeface, so I decided to recreate it.  I’m slobbering a little.

dbish has sent me yet another fantastic link, coming from the Brooklyn Museum, which is doing an exhibition of Norman Rockwell’s paintings that were based off photographs. Rockwell photographed Cubs and Boston Braves fans in Boston as reference for a Saturday Evening poster cover he painted. Rockwell was predominantly an oil painter, so it’s significant […]

I was searching Shorpy this weekend and found an image of Babe Ruth in his Red Sox days. It’s a bit jarring to see him in anything other than his Yankees garb (The Babe ended his career with the Boston Braves.) I love the black buttons on the jersey, the subtle pinstriping in the fabric, […]

If you are a baseball uniform fanatic, like me, Ebbets Field Flannels is heaven on earth. Ebbets makes high quality replicas of vintage baseball jerseys, hats and jackets. Ebbets makes replicas from a variety of baseball leagues, including the Japanese leagues and Negro Leagues. These guys are the real deal: they use the same fabrics […]

This is a fantastic look at the Hershey Chocolate Company baseball team from the early 1900′s. I absolutely adore the latin-esque style lettering on the pennant, and the arching on the jersey is very nice. I’m not sure why there is one player in the back with a white jersey on, I can’t make out […]

The Nationals have unveiled a new logo and uniform set for the 2011 season. I like the new script more than the blocky, industrial text it is replacing, but it’s only being used on the road greys, it seems. It’s a nice redesign, if a bit lacking in personality. The flag motif inside of the […]

I love this infographic from Flip Flop Fly Ball, where he breaks down how the text on the uniforms spans over the buttons in the center of the jersey. If you’ve ever tried to lay this out yourself, you’ll know it’s trickier than it looks.

George Susce St. Louis, 1940 George was a right handed catcher, and this photo was taken during his one year stint with the St. Louis Browns.

I absolutely love the stirrups the Orioles wore in the throwback game against the Nationals on June 26th, 2010.

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