Golden Ticket

Bethany Heck

This is a 12×18 poster, offset printed on a beautiful steel grey French Paper stock with an image of the great Grover Cleveland “Pete” Alexander and a foil stamped ticket graphic taken from the a detail inside the HalfLiner.

Price: $20.00

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4 Comments on “Golden Ticket”

  • Christianne Weaver

    You make me want to try harder to like baseball. Outstanding work, and so pitch perfect!

    09-28-13 » 4:15 pm »

  • Michael

    did you happen to get your inspiration from this business card? lol

    01-01-14 » 3:34 pm »

  • Bethany

    Michael, my design came first, so unfortunately it’s he who is ripping me off.

    01-01-14 » 3:38 pm »

  • Mike

    Bethany: I love Eephus League but it doesn’t work well on my iPhone–enlarging the articles gets them covered up by the left column. Ever think of doing a mobile version?

    01-05-14 » 8:16 am »

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