Baseball is a living, breathing entity. It has its own traditions, language and rules. And this entity is always growing. Baseball has remained relatively unchanged throughout its history, but new players, coaches, commentators and fans pass through each day and add to its culture.

Baseball is obsessed with record keeping. Every pitch, out and hit is recorded by hundreds of people each day. Anyone who has ever lived in the land of baseball has been immortalized and codified on a stat sheet. The Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae is an offshoot of that spirit of codification and history making. This site is dedicated to bringing all the disparate threads of baseball intricacies together in one place. It’s a place where any baseball fan can come to share their knowledge and experiences, no matter how trivial, because in baseball nothing is trivial. Ballpark experiences, player nicknames, rules both official and unofficial, ticket stubs, baseball cards and photographs are all collected and preserved here.

The Eephus League is also a tool for new fans to learn all of the many facets of the game, from scorekeeping to detailed statistics and how to throw the perfect forkball. You’ll also find references to countless books, articles and websites on every element of the game. I hope you enjoy your stay and decide to join the Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae and add to its ever growing library of personal experiences.

For questions about the Eephus League, contact bethany@eephusleague.com