The HalfLiner

Bethany Heck

The HalfLiner is here! The HalfLiner Scorebook is the newest scorebook design from the Eephus League. It scores a full half season of 81 games. It is a sturdy Double Wire-O bound book, with great writing surfaces. While the first Eephus scorebook had a lot of extra materials aimed at teaching people the art of scorekeeping, this book is designed for people who want a more fleshed out scorekeeping experience and don’t need the extras. There are more innings, more substitution slots, and more stat columns in the HalfLiner scorebook. The scorekeeping grid is larger to allow more space for scorekeepers to work.

Highlights include:

At 7.5” x 9.75”, the HalfLiner is smaller than a standard letter-sized scorecard. The more petite profile is meant to make the scorebook less cumbersome to bring to the ballpark.

A big, clean grid that allows you to keep score your own way.

Scores 12 innings, with 2 substitution lines per lineup slot.

A starter’s guide to keeping score for anyone who is new to the art form.

Autograph pages in the back for collecting player signatures.

Price: $30.00 plus shipping

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The grid is large and bare-bones, allowing you to keep score however you want.

The book covers everything a new scorekeeper needs to know to get started.

8 Comments on “The HalfLiner”

  • HalfLiner Scorebook |

    […] This is really cool if you like to score professional games.  But, unless I am missing something, it’s not useful for youth leagues where they often bat more than 9 players in a line-up. Filed under Reviews · · […]

    08-07-13 » 11:43 am »

  • Bob

    I just got my halfliner in the mail today. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! I’m so excited to use this. Everything about it is beautiful.

    08-10-13 » 7:31 pm »

  • M W

    Reply to August 7th comment, if you look closely you can place 7 pitchers and 27 players in the lineup space not 9 (1 starter and up to 2 subs for each place in the lineup).

    09-06-13 » 12:43 am »

  • Dwayne

    Needs a LOB total per inning, not per player in the right hand column.

    LOB + runs scored + 3 outs = number of batters per inning.

    I’ll probably still order one. They look beautiful.

    10-02-13 » 1:18 pm »

  • Dwayne

    I received the book QUICKLY! It is beautiful. Good size, good paper for writing with pencil. (I never understood how some teams make the scorecard part of their magazine, printing it on glossy paper and expect you to score with a pencil).

    This shall make the 6 months until I can use this next April an agonizingly long wait!

    Thanks for the beautiful work.

    10-07-13 » 10:41 am »

  • Dwayne

    Reply to Aug 7 comment: You’re right, you can fit only nine batters on the sheet. However, you wouldn’t want to use this for youth leagues. It’s a little too elegant for that.

    10-07-13 » 10:46 am »

  • Scott

    I cover baseball for a ‘living,’ so I am looking for a nice 162-plus game scorebook to include playoffs for next season. I’d be all over this if it was larger. Super sleek and crisp design. I’ll be checking back often to see if there’s going to be a bigger model (185 games would be ideal for me)! Keep up the great work!

    10-31-13 » 4:02 pm »

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    […] $30: The HalfLiner Baseball Scorebook […]

    12-13-13 » 4:16 pm »

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